Lighting & Electrical

At Harman HVS we stock a massive inventory of lighting, electrical, wiring, connectors, air coils, synflex air tubing, brass fittings and power cables. Whether you are looking for cutting edge Forward White LED Headlights, LED lighting for your truck or trailer, work lights, incandescent bulbs, to basic wiring or any air system component for your truck, trailer or equipment, Harman’s is the place to get it.

We stock a wide variety of parts from numerous industry leading suppliers, such as:

  • Grote
  • Truck-Lite
  • Tectran
  • Phillips
  • TechSpan
  • Sylvania

So whether you are a large fleet maintaining hundreds of pieces of equipment, or simply looking for a
light or wiring for your utility trailer or weekend project, Harman HVS has all the lighting, electrical and air components you need to keep your vehicle in running at its best.

For more information about our lighting, electrical and air products please call your local Harman’s location or check out the Products section of our website for a complete listing of brands and suppliers as well as useful website links.