March 13, 2013

With our final round appearance at the Uni Select National still a vivid memory, our 2013 season is about to kick off at the Mac Tools Gater Nationals in Florida in two weeks time.  Our title sponsor Meritor has signed a multi-year deal with us which translates into a stable platform to build on.  The team is intact and the car and rig are ready to go, all we need now is good weather and a little luck.

Over the winter we were very busy, attending the HDAW in Las Vegas as the center piece of the Meritor Distributor appreciation reception.  It was great to talk to all our industry supporters and feel our strength and momentum build.  We have added more horse power to our combination with internal upgrades on the supercharger, better flowing heads and a more aggressive camshaft. Getting this to hook up with the track will be our first challenge but our tuner Les Mellows is surely up to the task.  Paul has kept his driving skills honed over the off season and everyone is eagerly awaiting the [March] 15th departure date.

I’ll keep you all up to date on this and all our races throughout the season.  You can follow us on on the results page of each race we attend and those of you who get ESPN 2 can catch us live at each event.

We are aiming for many final round appearances this year, watch for the Meritor hot rod to make some history.